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Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

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Why we love it...

5 stainless steel straight drinking straws, with a plastic-free cleaning brush. Packed in a 100% organic cotton GOTS certified carry pouch, plastic-free. With an plastic-free plant-based cleaning brush.

Package Contents:
5 x ecoLiving Straws Stainless Steel
1 x ecoLiving Straw Cleaner. 
1 x ecoLiving Straw Organic Carry Pouch

ecoLiving Straight Smoothie Straw Size: Length 21.5cm, Thickness 0.5mm and Wider Diameter of 8mm

Why we love Eco Living…

Eco Living create some incredible zero waste, plastic free, vegan products. 

Being a responsible company they are also Carbon Neutral and work with non-profits.