Shaving Soap – Bergamot

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Why we love it...

An eco-friendly, plastic free alternative to shaving gel. Using a shaving soap reduces waste and saves money which is good for both your pocket and the environment. The shaving soap is packaged in craft cardboard and is a 75g shaving ‘puck’.

This shaving soap creates a rich lather that allows the razor to glide over the skin reducing irritation and razor burn. The bergamot is a citrus fruit so it reminds you of summer but unlike other citrus fruits the fragrance is softened by a ‘floral’ edge.

Why we love Norse...

Norse make naturally great grooming products for the bearded, smooth-faced and mustachioed men of the world.

Norse products are handmade in Kingston-upon-Thames with natural ingredients. They’re packed with essential oils that all do important jobs, like promoting healthy circulation, smelling great, and keeping bacteria off your beard hair, because eeeew.





Potassium Stearate; Sodium Stearate; Potassium Tallowate; Aqua; Potassium Cocoate; Sodium Tallowate; Sodium Cocoate; Parfum; Glycerine; Limonene; Potassium Hydroxide; Linalool; Tetrasodium EDTA; Tetrasodium Etidronate; Sodium Hydroxide