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Reusable Nail Polish Remover Pads

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Why we love them...

Finally, just because you wear nail polish doesn’t mean you need to be wasteful! These reusable nail polish remover pads are the ultimate environmentally friendly, plastic-free solution to disposable cotton pads for nail varnish removal.

They have a rough felt surface which soaks up polish more effectively than cotton pads and they’re black too, so stains aren’t as obvious (just remember to wash after use to avoid the material hardening, check out our care instructions below for more info).

Tabitha Eve recycle and reuse as much of their waste as possible, with lots of their scraps going to local schools, playgroups and other independent businesses. They’re also moving towards organic materials and always request that their raw materials are delivered in as little plastic as possible.

How to care for them...

Rinse whilst still wet and leave to dry to reuse. Some staining may stay on the pad from polish - this is normal but will not affect use if care instructions are followed.





Why we love Tabitha Eve...

Debbie founded Tabitha Eve after she was confronted by a plastic island that was home to precious sea life in the seas off Borneo. 

Their mission is to create eco-friendly alternatives to single use house hold items and items that would normally be made from plastic. Their goal (and ours too!) is make it the norm for everyone to buy reusable products.