neat - The Refill Bottle

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Why we love it...

Not only super eco-friendly but super sleek too! This is a reusable light weight and durable aluminium bottle. With an industrial quality trigger spray that delivers a great user experience and will stand the test of time.

This spray bottle has silicone foot for additional durability and comfort. Designed to last and not for trash!

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  • Remove the trigger from the bottle.
  • Add 470ml of tap water.
  • Carefully pour in the neat concentrate.
  • Secure the trigger.
  • Shake and Spray



Care instructions:

To clean your refill bottle - Once empty, remove the trigger and rinse with tap water. Fill with clean water and attach the spray nozzle and spray until clean. Empty the bottle and you’re ready to refill.

Why we love neat...

neat set out to create products that are a step-change towards a more sustainable world, so our small choices can make a big difference.

neat have 4 simple values - Simple, Real, Bold, Positive.