Mini Plant Pot - White

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Why we love it..

These super stylish mini plant pots are made by women in Sri Lanka -  working from home to earn an important extra income for their families.

Not only are they super stylish they are plastic free, eco-friendly and made from sustainable materials. 

Not only a stunning addition to any home but also an incredible gift!

Why we love Lübech Living...

Lübech Living was founded in 2008 and since then they have been creating stunning interior products with sustainability at its core.

They design timeless and functional products produced from recycled, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

They have strong focus on craftsmanship primarily from less privileged families. In cooperation with these people they produce products with a unique story, lots of soul and with a social environmentally friendly purpose.

*Please note-as this is a handmade product, it may differ slightly from what is shown and may have some imperfections.