Lemongrass & Ginger Essential Oil Affirmation Reed Diffuser: 100ml

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Why we love it...


Lemongrass & Ginger Essential Oil Reed Diffuser which has been mixed with love and intention here in Devon, UK.

The affirmation on the reed diffuser is;

“My life is full of magic and serendipity.”

All those thoughts, those worries and those beliefs which keep you from living your full and glorious life.. it is time to let them go.
As you bask in the warm rich scents you will remind yourself to do just this each time the gentle aroma catches your attention.

These rustic style reed diffusers are all natural with beautiful essential oil blends that are cruelty free, eco friendly and contain zero waste. Delicately designed to release pure essential oils that create a calming aromatic scent that helps you to focus and relax. Perfect for home decor with all the added benefits of aromatherapy. Lemongrass and ginger is knows to evoke a peaceful mindset that promotes clarity and relaxation to restless minds. 

It is the perfect scent that allows you to go deep in thought as you focus on the affirmation and allow it to charge your thoughts with positivity and renewal of your spirit. The beautiful affirmation “My life is full of magic and serendipity.” reminds us to embrace the things we see and even the things we do not. Magical things happen all around us but to often we are focusing on the things going wrong so we fail to see all of the beautiful blessing right before us. This beautiful aromatic addition to any room will help you to embrace your true self, promote wellness and a positive mindset as you move throughout your day.

In a beautiful apothecary style amber bottle with all natural reeds.

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