Jasmine & Patchouli Soy Hand Poured Candle: 120 ML

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Why we love it...

Jasmine & Patchouli Soy Wax Candle which has been hand poured with love and intention here in Devon, UK.

This is not just a candle.. this is a Ria Candle which means that the intention behind the candle is that the relaxing scent of jasmine with the soothing benefits of patchouli reminds you that you are enough just as you are and it is safe to let go of everything which does not serve you.

The affirmation on the candle is


All those thoughts, those worries and those beliefs which keep you from living your full and glorious life.. it is time to let them go.


This beautifully blended essential oil candle helps you to unwind, rest easier, clear your thoughts and let go of stress and anxieties that leave you restless. Perfect before bed to relax the mind and body and soothe the stressors of the day. Breathe deeply as you take in the aroma and connect with your true self choosing positive thoughts and visualizing all the greatness the Universe has in store for you. An excellent bedside candle that allows you to release the things that no longer serve to wake refreshed and full of positive energy. However you choose to use your candle this highly aromatic scent is aromatherapy to all of your senses.

Why we love Ria...

Ria was founded in 2021 and yet has been a work in progress since 1979 (when Ria was born!). Their hope is that through Ria’s products, events and services (grouped together as Ria-tuals) we can move towards a lighter future where we can feel free to be fully who we were born to be. To step into our future selves no matter how much out of our current comfort zone that might be, as we know deep down that on the other side of this discomfort lies all that we dream of.