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Interlabial Pads (Set of 3)

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Why we love them...

These small petal-shaped pads fit in between your labia, are made from breathable and wicking natural hemp fabric with an absorbent antibacterial core. There’s a number of reasons you might want to use them...

Controlling your menstrual flow: When placed between your labia and over the vaginal opening, the menstrual flow is slowed and stops before it has the chance to channel to the front or back of your pad. They’re also perfect if you tend to ‘gush’ rather than trickle and helps make sure your cloth pad doesn’t leak because your flow wasn’t absorbed quickly enough. If you have a very heavy flow, these interlabial pads offer even more protection as they so you can use them alongside your tampons, pads and cups.

Discharge: Because interlabial pads can be used inside of panty liners, you can use them to protect against vaginal discharge.

Light incontinence: If you tend to pee a little when laughing, coughing, sneezing or jumping, as a result of weakened pelvic floor muscles, these fabulous interlabial pads can absorb 2-5ml of fluid and prevent leakage.

We love them because they’re super discreet. With their breathable, wicking fabric they’re designed to draw moisture away from the surface and help avoid sore skin.

How to use
To use your interlabial pad, you fold or roll it and place between your labia and vaginal opening. If you're using them to protect from light incontinence, you must ensure you're covering your urethra. 

Care Instructions 
We suggest you soak in cold water prior to washing if stained, then wash with a normal cool load and dry flat. Fabric is not prewashed so some shrinkage can be expected upon first wash, best not to use fabric conditioner, a) because they are pretty close to your delicates and b) because fabric conditioner can affect absorbency. 


Why we love Tabitha Eve...

Debbie founded Tabitha Eve after she was confronted by a plastic island that was home to precious sea life in the seas off Borneo. 

Their mission is to create eco-friendly alternatives to single use house hold items and items that would normally be made from plastic. Their goal (and ours too!) is make it the norm for everyone to buy reusable products.