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Why we love it...

Neon Kactus glass bottles are made from non-permeable, high-quality borosilicate glass. Drinking from your Neon Kactus glass bottle rather than plastic or stainless steel provides a clean and pure drinking experience.

Lightweight, robust and durable. Precisely engineered using the highest quality, food-grade materials perfect for your favourite drinks.

Neon Kactus bottles have been designed with you in mind to bring you a healthy and stylish way to stay hydrated on the go.  These bottles feature a food-grade silicone sleeve with a unique textured anti-slip grip and fully leakproof bamboo lid.

Made from BPA free and fully recyclable materials allowing you to ditch the disposable and help Create A Better Tomorrow!

Bottle size : 150 ml

Why we love Neon Kactus..

Founded in 2018 Charlotte and Neil are on a mission to create reusable products for an on the go lifestyle. With unrivalled style and performance that will decrease the need for plastic production.

They hope to inspire others to create a better tomorrow by developing more products that will accelerate the everyday use of reusables.